Inspiration: All That Glitters


Our All That Glitters mixed media was inspired by two things and two things only.  Rihanna and the following quote:

"Everything that glitters is not gold" because as I was reading an article on how Rihanna had to regroup after being swindled I thought about how could this have happened.  The quote popped in my head and I had to act on it.


If I Could Land Anywhere in the World: Jamaica

This is our latest creative featuring our

"All That Glitters" Scarf

and "2995" Chic Tote

that would absolutely carry on our trip to Jamaica.


Travel Inspiration: City of the Future - Singapore

I found this National Geographic video to be quite interesting regarding Singapore being the City of the Future.  

Art Inspiration: The Brilliant Color Textiles of Abdulaye Konate

This video follows the artist Abdulaye Konate and how he creates these mesmerizing textiles.  Absolutely Inspired.


BFCM 2019...Let's Go!

Root Compass Modern Nomad BFCM 2019