Root Compass Traveling Tips: Carry On Body Products

Root Compass Traveling Tips: Carry On Body Products

My number one rule, as always, regarding carry-on is no liquids and body products. If you are traveling with only a carry-on, buy products after you land and check in at the hotel. However, for those who make your body products or have unique products that can't be purchased everywhere, the rule is each bottle should be less than 4 oz in a clear container.

For my family, I buy the bulk options from amazon and get the 3 oz or 2 oz containers. That makes sure they are far from the 4 oz amount. I also make sure my family doesn't have more than four containers in the quart-size clear bag. That is to ensure they are under the rule and have what they need: 2 things of body butter, deodorant, and toothpaste.

If you don't have to, I suggest you leave the body products out of the carry-on.

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