Root Compass Traveling Tips: Checked + 1 Carry On - Best Way to Pack

Root Compass Traveling Tips: Checked + 1 Carry On - Best Way to Pack

The best way to pack when you can check one bag and carry on another is always to know where you are going and the weather. Always check the weather the week of your departure. You can look at the ten days before, but depending on the area, the week you depart could change.
The best accessory you can have for your check bag is the packing cubes. It makes organizing your outfits easier and having the clothing stay put when opening and closing the suitcase. So if TSA has to go through your luggage, it's easier, and if your bag breaks getting off the conveyer, it's easier to grab everything.
I suggest getting a travel toiletry bag to keep all body and hair products in for your checked bag. It protects your suitcase from them bursting and going everywhere. For extra protection, I put the products in Ziploc bags. I have a padded travel toiletry bag, so I haven't even seen the threat of products bursting yet; I like to be prepared.
Including your electronics, notebooks, and airport snacks for the carry-on bags is best. I know airport snacks are expensive, but if you ever get stuck in an airport at 3 am, all their shops are closed, and the vending machines are out, you will want those snacks you could have bought before you left. I go for two bags of chips that don't smell, a big water bottle, and two sodas to include in my bag per person. For those on a long flight, airline food is only sometimes ideal, so choosing chips that are filling but don't smell is best for the airplane. Sometimes I will do trail mix, but they only occasionally have a good selection at the airport. You want to have options of water and soda to switch it up because more than the small can on the plane is needed.
Including your electronics in your carry-on is to protect them as much as you can from damage. The downside is taking them out during the security check, but it is better than throwing them around in a bag onto the plane.
This way of packing ensures you can prepare, pass security, and protect your items.

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