About Us

Smooches from Root Compass on Vimeo.


Root Compass...

Home of the Modern Nomad.

Born out of a torrid love affair with travel and the talisman needed to ensure every journey is marked accordingly. 


Root Compass is the place to gather and distribute said talisman for the Modern Nomad in all of us.

There are those of us who believe the world is inherently good.

There are those of us who seek knowledge wherever it exists.

There are those of us who wander because our soul would perish if we didn't.


On Root Compass,  we offer the talismans that we carry during our travels, the simple yet beautiful, the complicated and divine...that is Root Compass.

 A talisman (Arabic: طلسم‎; transliterated: tilasim) is an object which is believed to contain certain magical properties which would provide good luck for the possessor and possibly offer protection from evil or harm.