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The Land Was Ours: Bruce Beach (Manhattan Beach) California

A young and ambitious married couple, Willa and Charles Bruce, purchased some of the land that makes up Bruce’s Beach in 1912. They added three lots to the original land and soon set to work, establishing a resort that was open to all African Americans. Given that segregation practices had restricted most beach access for blacks in the city, the new resort was welcomed by many who had until then hardly had the chance to experience the area’s coastal beauty. Land around the resort was bought by wealthy land developer George H. Peck, also in 1912. Being a bit of a maverick for the times, Peck did away with the common practice of racial segregation by offering up the plots...

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If I Could Land Anywhere in the World: Oahu Hawaii

I was stationed at Hickam AFB in Oahu, Hawaii 29 years ago...Wow!  When I discharged from the Air Force in 1995 I promised myself I would return and live there full time.  30 years later...Here I am writing a post on if I Could Land Anywhere in the World.  When I return it will be permanent because the people, culture, food and Island life were some of the most beautiful moments of my life. This documentary below gives a glimpse of the Aloha spirit but I would be remiss if I didn't also include a video documenting the true History of the Islands and it's people.   Hawaii History  

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