Root Compass Traveling Tips: Carry On Liquids

Root Compass Traveling Tips: Carry On Liquids

I am a frequent traveler between flying, driving, and riding the trains. I have accumulated a lot of experience to be able to give a few tips. When getting ready for a flight it is always best to double check your carry-on. All women know we will forget what is in the bottom of our bags or the unzipped parts we don't usually use.

I am advising you to always double check your bag the night before. The rule of thumb for liquids through the airport is the amount of each liquid should be less than 3.4 oz and can fit in a quart size bag. My rule of thumb is put all liquids in checked bag and buy anything to drink in the airport. That is why we get to the airport 2hrs earlier to make sure we get through security and make sure we are able to grab water, sodas, and snacks in the airport. You never know when there will be a delay or re-route best to be prepared. 

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