Art Inspiration: Vetiver Night Women - Brianna McCarthy

Art Inspiration: Vetiver Night Women - Brianna McCarthy

Vetiver Night Women - Brianna McCarthy


As the owner of this piece from the Vetiver Night Women series, I want to discuss how intimately it reminds me that I am composed of Stars and bring that energy to bear here on Earth.  The artist behind this piece Brianna McCarthy is best described as a Genius with her ability to bring to bear these beautiful pieces of art.

Here bio is actually below:

"Brianna McCarthy is a mixed media visual communicator working and living in Trinidad + Tobago.
She is a self-taught artist and aims to create a new discourse examining issues of beauty, stereotypes, representation as well as the documenting the process – particularly poignant in an ever smaller digitally connected world.
Her form takes shape through masking and performance art, fabric collage, traditional media, and installation pieces."


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