5 Years!!!

So okay it's been a surreal weekend reflecting on both 3 Piece Urban Artisan and Root Compass growth.  When Root Compass was started 5 years ago it was truly birthed from a love of travel and ensuring the talisman I personally needed were given a proper place to grow.  

I will admit that I, Jacquelyn Roberts, am a smidge Extra which means I personally need my accessories to be Jazzy and Colorful.  No disrespect to Lily Pulitzer/Kate Spade/Michael Kors but I'm not their demographic the patterns just don't speak to me and never have.  I also know I am not an anomaly there are a ton of people (Men and Women) who want Flavor in their accessories (laptop sleeves, tote bags, messenger bags, etc) and just can't seem to find it at a reasonable price point.

That is why Root Compass was born to bring forth patterns and mixed media pieces that speak to the Urban Dweller.  We live in the City and travel City to City to make a life, we are Modern Nomads.

Root Compass Modern Nomads are multi-cultural, technologically savvy and well traveled. This is our home to ensure we never mistake the same 200th Black Travel Bag for ours ever again.

Until Next Time


Root Compass

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