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Off The Wall Scarf...product of the week

Off The Wall Scarf is one of our products of the week.  This design was created while watching the "Off The Wall" Documentary by Spike Lee because Off The Wall happens to be one of our top 10 album favorites. Off The Wall is also available as a dopp kit, tote bag and phone case.   Off The Wall Scarf  

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All That Glitters Scarf...product of the week

Our All That Glitters Scarf is one of our products of the week.     This is one of our most popular pieces and the quote that inspired it "All that glitters is not Gold and sometimes it smells like sulfur" was actually inspired by Pyrite or Fool's Gold as it is known.  The technique used to create the tears resulted from taking a picture of my personal collection of Pyrite.  All That Glitters is also available in tote bag, dopp kit, phone case and coffee mug.

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