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Featured Products: 08/19/2018

This week's featured products designed to reflect the ethos of our BE collection.

Flowers to Market Long Scarf

This design originated from a photograph of a woman carrying flowers to market.  The reason why it's apart of our BE collection is because it speaks to a very simple act of being...Flowers for the purpose of honoring what's beautiful around us.

Love All Day Blue Classic Travel Bag

Featured Products 08/12/2018

Here are a few of our Featured Products this week.

1. 2995 Fabric Backpack

This design is a result of the two places that influenced me growing up...2795 Tilson Road Decatur Georgia and 2901 Doyle Avenue Columbus Georgia.

2. A Rose is still a Rose Chic Tote

The original of this design...

New in the Shop: I Love You Jody series

As part of our collaboration with 3 Piece Urban Artisan we now have the I Love You Jody series in the shop and available on various travel accessories.  As many of you know this series is inspired by the 3 women of the film Baby Boy.

I Love You Jody No. 1 Duffel Bag

I Love You Jody No. 2 Dopp Kit

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Featured Products

Our featured products this week as showcased in our latest Youtube video.