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Inspiration: All That Glitters


Our All That Glitters mixed media was inspired by two things and two things only.  Rihanna and the following quote:

"Everything that glitters is not gold" because as I was reading an article on how Rihanna had to regroup after being swindled I thought about how could this have happened.  The quote popped in my head and I had to act on it.


If I Could Land Anywhere in the World: Jamaica

This is our latest creative featuring our

"All That Glitters" Scarf

and "2995" Chic Tote

that would absolutely carry on our trip to Jamaica.


Travel Inspiration: City of the Future - Singapore

I found this National Geographic video to be quite interesting regarding Singapore being the City of the Future.  

Art Inspiration: The Brilliant Color Textiles of Abdulaye Konate

This video follows the artist Abdulaye Konate and how he creates these mesmerizing textiles.  Absolutely Inspired.


Currently Watching: The Art of Creation with Michael Yoo

I watch the Smithsonian channel on Youtube quite often to help feed my artistic practice.  This particular video inspired and intrigued me.